How to plant a tree on a suburban area?

The most optimal time of the year to carry out the landing of trees is autumn, it is during this period of time that all plant processes are suspended in the trees, you can also land in early spring.

It is very important to provide seedlings with a support, for this you will need stakes made of wood or other material. The stake when planting the seedling is placed in the soil. Young plants should be tied with a rope made of natural material. This must be done very carefully so as not to injure the bark. The plant in a fixation state should be located within a year from the moment of landing.

Select such methods of fixing the seedling:

Tripod – this method has three support stakes and is suitable for seedlings of large trees.

The vertical stake is used for trees that have an open root system. The support needs to be loaded thirty centimeters deeper into the soil than the bottom of the pit for planting.

For plants that do not have a central barrel, an inclined support is used.

Before proceeding with an independent landing, you should first carefully consider the roots of the plant. Remove all available damage to the seedling, cut off the leaves so that they do not absorb all moisture. If the soil on the land is not fertility, you can add humus, ash or buy a special fertilizer to the pit for planting.

Compliance with all of the above recommendations will allow you to grow a fruiting, healthy tree that will delight and give a large crop for more than a dozen years.

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