How to put a laminate on an uneven floor.

Watching how the hired workers make repairs excitingly in your house, because you are looking forward to its ending.

It is even more fascinating to make apartments in Zaporozhye yourself. All because during this time you can acquire a lot of useful skills, learn a lot about the repair.

As a floor covering in the room, you chose a laminate. At first glance, it seems not at all a difficult occupation to lay it out. However, it seems so until you are faced with a problem that is often found when laying out a laminate. We are talking about the uneven floor surface. Therefore, you must first perform the necessary actions to align the surface, and then proceed to laying the laminate itself. Otherwise, your gender will look uneven and ugly, and you will waste your strength and time.

1. After the laminate was chosen and bought, it needs to be held for some time in the room where you plan to lay it. This is necessary so that it can get used to the environment, namely the temperature and humidity in the room, and was able to take its final look. In this case, you do not need to unpack it. Before the flooring, it should be in the package.

2. Further, as the site advises us

3. It will not be superfluous to evaluate the stiffness of the floor. If he bends, it is best to replace it. To do this, you can use sheets of chipboard. However, it is worth considering that if moisture falls on them, then bubbles are formed.

4. If your floor is not wooden in your room, but a concrete surface, and it is not flat, you need to make a screed. First you need to remove linoleum from the floor and other materials that are on it up to the concrete surface. The field of this use a mixture of cement or special self -leveling mixtures. Thus you can make the floor surface even.

5. When you lay out a laminate on an uneven floor, think in advance about the use of various substrates. Thus, you will add even greater sound insulation, as well as a laminate support for the room.