How to properly cover the parquet varnish?

If you decide to start covering the parquet with varnish, then remember that it will be much easier to varnish if you use a rubber sponge pushed into a rag holder instead of a brush. The sponge does not leave the stripes, you can also engage in the coating of standing, which is quite convenient, because the person is at the maximum distance from the smell of the varnish stratum, where a sufficiently large concentration of emitted solvent vapors.

Paul must be covered with colorless waterproof varnish. The varnish must be diluted, but not too much. This is done so that the varnish is absorbed faster. Apply the mass you need to press a round brush strongly. Before applying varnish, floors must be covered with gasoline. Only in this case do not forget about compliance with safety rules. You can not smoke in such a room, and it is necessary to disconnect all the electrical devices from the network, as well as wide open all windows.

Change gasoline as the gasoline. After this processing, it is necessary to ventilate the room well. Then polish the floor with a small skin. The dust that forms, collect a vacuum cleaner or cotton rag. If alkaline drugs were used to treat the floor instead of gasoline, then after this processing the parquet must be washed about three times with warm water with the addition of one tablespoon of vinegar per 1 liter of water. Every other day or two, when the floor dries well, it is covered with varnish.

If a separate place is dry, there you need to process Oliphi. First varnish the floor with diluted varnish, and when it dries, thick. If the floor was already varnished, then it needs to be fed in advance. Parquet is not recommended to rinse with water.

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