Interior doors Care tips

Each interior door as an interior item needs compulsory care and, of course, in systematic care. If you follow simple recommendations, then it will be possible to increase the service life and, of course, maintain the original form. If the doors have just been bought, then you must keep them in the package until they are installed. And you must keep them in a horizontal position.

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For storage of doors, the room must be dry and on the door so that the sun’s rays do not fall. After the doors are installed to take care of the interior doors are also required. To do this, you need to carry out wet cleaning and remove the resulting dirt. Special furniture care products may be suitable for wet worships. But, and if in the house there was no such remedy you can make it yourself. To do this, prepare a solution of ordinary water and laundry soap and, of course, alcohol. Everything should be nine to one. Light pollution and dust can be removed using a flannel rag. You need to moisten it in an alcohol solution. And after wet cleaning, the interior door must be wiped with a dry cloth. Cannot be used for cleaning the product that contains acetone and abrasives. Such substances can very easily ruin the surface of the lacquer door.