Method of specified stresses (efforts).

The appearance of this method is associated with the works of Pippard (1922) in England and Gaiman (1928) in Germany. The first study from which the development of these methods began in our country was the work and. M. Rabinovich (1933).

In subsequent years, many work appeared dedicated to the method of specified stresses in relation to various types of structures. This work performed mainly. A. Radtsi-h. AND. Vinogradov and their students played an important role in the development of the correct ideas about the physical essence and geometric interpretation of the task of optimal design. These studies are characterized by the fact that unknown efforts of the forces method are accepted as varying parameters. The desired designed parameters directly during the optimization process do not participate. The relationship between the varyed unknown and the sophisticated values ​​of these parameters is ensured, as a rule, by introducing the conditions of equal strength of the structural elements (this condition may not always be fulfilled, and in some cases contradicts the requirement of optimality and therefore needs special justification).

We will consider the idea of ​​the method of given stresses on the following example.

Accepting as unknowns we get one of the tasks of linear programming, for which there are typical programs.

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