Laminated doors with fusing

What are laminated doors with fusing? These original interior doors basically have a frame that is made of their high -quality chipboard. On top of the frame is faced with MDF facades laminated by a high -tech facing film of imported production. The film has various colors that mimic valuable wood species. A cellular filler is located inside the frame, it gives the entire door structure additional stiffness and strength.

These doors have a very beautiful and original distinctive feature – glass inserts made using fushing technology. Such an unusual name hides a special way of processing glass, when several different color elements soften under the influence of high temperatures into a single whole. Heating the glass to a certain temperature, the masters of this case receive its soft consistency, so that there is a strong gluing between its individual elements. Moreover, these elements, with such processing, do not lose their form, in size, nor mutual location.

Based on matte glass, the pattern is laid out. It is composed of different colors and slices of glass pieces. Next, this workpiece with a pattern is heated to the desired temperature and softened in one whole sheet. Using this technology, you can get a finished product with different texture, thickness and shape.

The doors in the production of which used fusing fit perfectly into the premises with various design and decor style. One of the important advantages of such doors is the combination of the originality of the product with its high strength. In addition, the pattern of glass obtained using this technology is always unique. He is unique and does not look like any other. And thanks to the game of sunlight, light and shadow on pieces of multi -colored elegant glass, an extraordinary optical effect is obtained that gives the interior unique charm and originality.