Laminate – profitable flooring

Laminate is a multi -layer flooring. It is a densely laid on the floor. The laminate has much in common with the parquet. However, if the parquet is made of natural wood, then the classic laminate just looks like a tree. Among the various types of floor coverings, laminated is the most popular. You can choose the most different coloring of the laminate: stone, tiles, parquet and much more. As mentioned above, laminate is a multi -layer coating. The design of the laminate panel consists of the following layers: directly a laminate consisting of several films soaked in resins; resistant to wear of a transparent layer of resin; layers for waterproofing, craft paper, paper with a pattern, basics (chipboard, fiberboard or HDF).Laminate can be made according to one of the following technologies.1. Low pressure laminate is a fairly simple way to produce laminate. The only decorative upper layer located above the base is pressed in one stage.2. High -pressure laminate laminate is made in the process of pressing the upper layers of the laminate (in this case there are several). Pressing occurs in several stages. Almost all known coatings (fiberboard, linoleum, chipboard, plank floors) are suitable for laminated coating. In order to eliminate the noise of steps, as well as hide minor irregularities, a noise -absorbing substrate must be placed under the laminated coating. The quality of the laminate depends on a number of characteristics, such as stability to spots, unstable, light resistance, simplicity of styling, heat resistance, wear and much more. Thanks to lamination, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on the floors. The laminate does not require careful care, so in order to maintain laminated floors in good condition, it is sometimes enough to wipe from a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner. You can do without detergents.