Listfounding machine – the main tool for roofing

A tin is a person whose profession is somewhat similar to the profession of a sculptor: a certain shapeless workpiece of a steel sheet should turn into a real masterpiece of skill. What will be the result of such a work? These are drains, drainage pipes, all kinds of premature elements of a metal roof, as well as light boxes, advertising structures – all that can be attributed to the main field of activity of a professional sheet bean.

For a long time, the master of the leafybe used one simple tool – a rubberized hammer that allowed the steel sheet to give any required shape. Of course, in this way it was a long and very laborious to make tin details. And only when a leafgog – a special leaf -bending machine, replaced the hammer – to work with steel sheets has become much easier.

Today there are manual machines for flexor of metal and equipment with a mechanical with a drive (electric, air and hydraulic machines). All of them make it possible to perform tints and slopes from the blanks, only the time of the operation differs. So, with large volumes of work, preference should be given to mechanics. If we are talking about small volumes, there will be a fairly high -quality manual gypers machine.

The main advantages of a manual leaf -beam machine can be called the low cost of equipment and its high mobility. This makes it possible to deliver the machine directly to the place of tin work, which is cheaper and more economical than the delivery of ready -made roofing products. In addition, the additional parts made on the spot will always be made exactly by the specified sizes.

Mechanical leaf bends is a more serious design, where the main actions of the worker – the feed of sheets, clamp, bending, cutting – are fully mechanized. Such machines are controlled by one operator who just remains to press a button or a foot pedal.