Metal cabins: species, design

Metal cabins are welded metal structures from the corner and channel, which are lined outside with a galvanized profiled sheet. Have a welded sheet metal roof, usually a double floor. Metal cabins are insulated around the entire perimeter, including a ceiling with a floor. In order to prevent the penetration of moisture, they are upholstered in film. For the interior decoration of metal domestic, various materials can be used, for example, DVPO (ennobled orphan), wood, polyvinyl chloride, plastic panels, MDF panels, etc. P.

Than the metal cabins are equipped?

They can be equipped with a variety of additional equipment. Such as: electrical wiring, plastic windows, linoleum, bed, additional insulation, metal bottom and much more. If necessary, from the inside, such households are sheathed with a smooth galvanized sheet, the floor is enhanced, the enhanced electrical wiring is installed. The mobility of this design is ensured by special holes drilled in the upper cherry, to which the roof is fixed. This allows you to freely and some special devices load, unloading or moving metal households using a crane installation. Metal structures should not exceed the norms of the state traffic safety inspection in overall dimensions for the possibility of their unhindered transportation without receiving additional permits.

Metal cabins are presented on the market of a wide variety of types of construction, gestation, summer cottages and other households of various sizes that differ in interior and layout, the location of windows and doors, external decoration and equipped with insulation. As a rule, all everyday life are sheathed outside with a galvanized profiled sheet and polyester (polymer coating sheet).

Castles are made according to individual customer sizes.