Metal doors with laminate trim

Metal doors with the finish laminate are in special demand in the entrance doors market. And this is quite natural, because such doors look very solid, respectable and immediately create an appropriate idea of ​​the owners of the apartment or office.

Laminate is the most modern type of coating, which is used, including to decorate the doors. Initially, he was conceived as a more economical alternative to parquet. Indeed, the floor covering from the laminate has gained very popularity today due to the ability of the laminate to imitate any materials: from various wood species to marble, granite, metal, etc.

However, over time, the laminate found application as a door coating. The laminate is made of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, so it combines strength, aesthetics and durability. To reduce costs, it is advisable to purchase metal doors from the manufacturer decorated with laminate.

As a rule, the structure of the laminate is 4 layers:

• 1 layer – to protect against mechanical damage and reduce susceptibility to light;

• 2 layer – ensures the decorativeness of the product; It is made of paper impregnated with a special composition on which the desired drawing is applied;

• 3 layer – bearing, assuming the main load that is attached to the door; made from chipboard;

• 4 layer – a stabilizer providing a high level of moisture – and sound insulation, as well as protection against low temperatures.

As you can see, metal doors with the laminate finish have a rather complex structure, which provides a wide color-style gamut of products, their practicality, strength and durability, as well as remarkable aesthetic qualities. At the same time, the steel structure guarantees a high level of protection.

However, it is worth noting that metal doors with a laminate finish are not recommended to be installed as input from the street, since constant contact with water and temperature difference can cause bloating and deformation of the surface of the laminate.