More than 200 million rubles were spent on creating a new image of the Moscow metro

The new logo for the Moscow metro was presented by Artemy Lebedev, thereby causing a flurry of discussions in the press, as well as social networks.

The idea of ​​a new logo and the identity of the famous designer was subjected to discussion and criticism. They are especially discussing the amount of the contract that exceeded 200 million rubles. In a word, the application of the proprietary symbols of the metro and the development of a new concept resulted in the government. Last year, the Moscow Metro became the customer of the competition to create a new positive image for public transport. Saatchi agency won the competition & AMP; SAATCH (LLC McCinzi and SIAES company), which agreed to carry out all work for a fee of 227 million rubles. There were also proposals from other agencies, agreeing to execute the order at a lower cost. For example, the Aurora agency agreed to a fee of 197 million rubles, but such an offer was still recognized as unprofitable. The deadline for the execution of the order was set for 6 months. After this period of time, the Saatchi Agency & AMP; Saatch was supposed to prepare a new image for the Moscow Metro. The design of the design was also involved in Artemy Lebedev studio. The famous designer has retained the title letter “M” at the heart of the logo. The logo itself has no novelty, which caused a huge amount of ridicule against the studio of designer Lebedev. Artemy is not shy about his creation, and therefore posted a video on the Internet, where the evolution of the logo is clearly traced, starting from the distant 1935. In addition to the logo, the studio created elements of the image, which will be used not only for the subway, but also for all public transport. A red color was chosen for the subway, for trams and buses – blue. River transport will be made in blue colors, green color will be allocated for cyclists, for electric trains – gray. Salad color is designed for parking. In addition to signs, all transport will also be repainted into appropriate colors. Employees’ clothes will be sewn, according to the new design.