We dress the kitchen in a new tile technology of the first stage

Tiles The most suitable option for wall decoration in the kitchen. For the kitchen, as a room at which a constantly elevated temperature associated with the fact that it is preparation of food, frequent temperature changes and all kinds of pollution and damage are characteristic of it. This is especially true for the working area. The tile surface of the wall surface in such a working area designers and finishes call the apron. Such a “apron” is almost always the reason for the work of repair work in the kitchen room.

This process is simple, but very laborious. First of all, you will need glue at the rate of five kilos per square area, then, of course, the primer is acrylic, plaster gypsum, and gypsum itself. Instructions for preparing a primer mixture, as a rule, is written on the packaging by the manufacturer.

The tool will require: a spatula, an electric drill, a hammer and a chisel, a kiyanka, screws, a roller, painting brushes, a building level, a square and plumb line, a screwdriver or a tool for screwing screws with a nozzle for screws; Fleeters, construction or simple pencil will come in handy; masking bucket bags for construction garbage, old rags or rags. Of the main tools and devices, perhaps all.

But the laying of the tile also involves all kinds of manipulations with it, such as cutting, for example. This must be explained that during laying tiles will have to be adjusted to the required size and shape. For such purposes, there may be forceps for manual cutting of tiles or in a lever version, and a machine for grinding angular surfaces (grinder) with a disk along the tile.