Porcelain stoneware in the decoration of the facade of buildings

Porcelain tile is used in the creation of ventilated facades. The design is a continuous shield of tiles, which is installed at a certain distance from the heat -insulating material. In the air gap between the screen and the heat insulator, air should circulate, the flows of which remove excess moisture.

Air pillow provides a favorable microclimate inside the house. The absence of condensate accumulation helps to protect walls and heat insulator from icing and decay. The external border screen is not inferior in strength and significantly exceeds reinforced concrete. Fire resistance and wear resistance guarantee the lack of deformation of the material under the influence of external factors. By the way, it will not be superfluous to buy a cabinet for a bedroom after the facade decoration.

The physicochemical properties of porcelain tile allowed the material to win a worthy place in the facade decoration market. Porcelain stoneware is practically in no way inferior to natural granite, but is characterized by a significant lower cost. Tiles are made of natural components and does not pose a threat to human health. Features of production technology ensure the stability of the material to chemical compounds.

Cerammal grade does not fade and is highly resistant to moisture. The tile does not accumulate an electric charge. All the basic properties of porcelain tile are transferred to the facade trimmed by him. The ventilated facade with porcelain tile is also characterized by high sound insulation, the main value for which is the air cushion.