Keramziton concrete blocks – what are they generally?

The main features of expanded clay concrete blocks depend directly on what characteristics the materials have for the production of the product. But, in fact, the material is presented in the form of a concrete product that is filled with expanded clay.

Why such an interesting combination of materials is provided? Here you can distinguish the two most important features that are provided, which deserve a special consideration:

– From concrete, blocks were able to obtain such qualities as strength, stiffness and hardness of the material.

– But as for the presence of expanded clay in the composition, in this case it is recommended to pay attention to the provision of a low level of thermal conductivity.

The density of the material may differ depending on the amount of expanded clay present in the composition. And this is the harder this material, the stronger it will be in the process of use. Heavy blocks are good and the fact that with their help you can easily and simply carry out the construction of high -rise buildings, providing them with appropriate technical qualities and features.

Advantages of this material

Ceramzitonic blocks were able to become extremely common among consumers due to the fact that they have many features and advantages in use, and among them the following qualities can be noted:

– Light weight of the product.

– the ability to replace 7 bricks at once with one block.

– Environmental cleanliness of the material is provided.

– high thermal insulation indicators are provided under any climatic conditions, which is considered a significant advantage.

The use of this material allows you to reduce the construction process by several times, and sometimes you can do without the use of appropriate construction equipment, which also provides financial savings.

Thanks to the excellent technical and operational qualities of expanded clay concrete blocks, they can be used to build houses of different destinations, while ensuring excellent conditions for further operation while maintaining all parameters and capabilities.