Production of a tile foundation

The foundation, as you know, is the basis for any structure and the tile option perfectly corresponds to the assigned expectations in terms of reliability and durability. It is worth noting that landscaping work needs to be carried out around the foundation and walls of the house, it is not only beautiful, but also useful. Because this improves the waterproofing of the foundation and the base of the walls. Moreover, now there are roller lawns that are very convenient and requires a minimum of time to landscaping the territory.

This type of foundation is suitable for suburban construction. This option is a priority in the case of high passage of groundwater and, as a result, it is impossible to use any other technologies for making the base for construction. It is fair to note that this type of foundation does not relate to budget options for erecting the foundation, but at the same time is considered one of the most durable and wear -resistant species. High cost is determined by manufacturing technology. In order to perform a similar foundation on the site, it is necessary to dig a recess in the soil equal to half a meters and the corresponding area of ​​the future structure, then build a wooden frame of one meter towering above the ground and using a concrete mixture with the addition of fine crumb crumbs to fill the first layer. After drying the mixture, lay the reinforcement and fill the frame with the remaining concrete mixture, after drying the base is ready. A peculiar concrete slab obtained by the investigation has excellent characteristics of quality and practicality.