Reinforcing frame for the foundation that solves the problems of deformations and strength

If one of us wondered about the purpose of the human skeleton, then he received a response about the meaning of the reinforcing frame for the foundation. It is the concern for the stability of the foundation of the structure that will ensure the safety and strength of the entire construction structure. And it’s not at all difficult to understand that the foundation that is well -reinforced with metal will help to avoid the deformation of the walls. From a material that is not amenable to compression and, due to its plasticity, ensuring a rigid fixation of the entire structure, it should be expected to increase the strength characteristics of the structure. But in order to achieve the effectiveness of preventing cracking and increase resistance to temperature extremes, soil shifts and reduce subsidence, a preliminary calculation of the load will be required to determine the diameter of the used metal rods. Here, the entire reinforcing frame for the foundation will be directly related to the thickness of the rods and the qualitative characteristics of the soils. The ribbed surface of the reinforcement contributes to its reliable clutch with concrete. But since different types of foundations are used in construction, the types of reinforcement structures will also vary. For example: a strip monolithic foundation is accompanied by a frame of 2 belts connected by transverse reinforcements. The foundation of the tile is strengthened by the reinforcing mesh. And piles of brownish supports are equipped with vertically oriented rods. For strength, the rods used in the reinforcement are connected by a special wire. Welding is used quite rarely, as it changes the structure of the metal in the joints. Yes, and too hard compounds are not recommended for reinforcing the bases of buildings. In addition, to comply with the design of the quality requirements, the construction of the foundation should carefully monitor the horizontal and vertical of the elements of the frame. In case of doubt and questions, it will be more correct to consult professionals, and not act at their own peril and risk.