Reinforcing screed with a metal net

Concrete, with all the variety of advantages characteristic of it – rather fragile material, as a result of which, under the influence of progress and mechanical loads, the screed made of it can very soon become unusable. The most effective way to solve this problem is to reinforce the concrete screed. In this case, one of the existing methods can be implemented.

This can be: knitting from the core reinforcement of the spatial frame using electric welding, reinforcing the screed with a metal mesh, the device of concrete screed using dispersed reinforcement of propylene or steel fiber. It was the reinforcement of the screed with the help of a metal grid that was most widely used, since it is characterized by economic availability, relative ease of implementation and final efficiency. It is used during the installation of floors in residential and industrial premises, if the thickness of the screed does not exceed 70 mm and not less than 40 mm.

In a competently, reinforcement of screed with a metal net, it provides an opportunity to get the perfect base, which, due to its reliability and strength, is best suited for laying absolutely any variety of flooring. It is important that the life of the screed is significantly increased, while its surface won greater plasticity and at the same time retains a high degree of strength. This positively affects the durability of protective and decorative flooring, on operational characteristics.

Reinforcement of a cement-sand screed in residential, office, public premises, as a rule, is carried out if a ceramic tile is supposed to be used as a floor covering. This is due to the fact that the reinforced screed perceives the load much better, while maintains its own integrity longer, which also determines the preservation of an expensive cladding.