Roof design in snowy regions

Snow and ice icicles on the roofs are one of the painful questions. What needs to be taken into account when installing a roof in such regions where there is an increased snow loss. First of all, when calculating the design of the roof, it is necessary to take into account the load on the rafter structure of the weight of the crate, if necessary, the weight of the insulation and the weight of the material of the internal cladding, the weight of the roofing material, as well as the pressure of the weight of the snow cover in the winter season.

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You need to choose the right slope of the roof slope. If the slope of the slope is 45 degrees, then the spontaneous gathering of the snow mass will be much easier than from the roof, which has a slope of a ramp of 30 degrees.

As a measure of precautions on the surface of the roof, tubular snow retainers are installed. Usually they are installed in two rows. This allows you to dissect the large thickness of the snow cover into thinner layers, which are faster and safer to go from the roof of the house.

If in your region winter is accompanied by abundant snow loss and the subsequent onset of the thaw, then meltwater is collected on the basis of the roofing. And if your waterproofing material is poorly installed, then meltwater can leak under the roof. Accordingly, this will entail the wet of the thermal insulation layer or leakage on the ceiling.