Sea containers: types and choice

The main purpose of marine containers is to protect the cargo from external atmospheric influences and mechanical damage during transportation. This is provided due to the strong design of the container.

As a rule, containers are made of alloy steel, and their floor is made of wood, boards or plywood. Thanks to this design, strength is ensured, relatively low weight and ease of repair. Inside the sea container there are fastening points to fix the cargo.

One of the most common are 20 feet and 40 feet containers. They belong to the closed type of containers, that is, they close from all sides, and doors are located on one or both end sides.

In addition to transportation, sea containers, especially used, are very often used for warehouse needs. Although such containers have already been used, they are fully consistent with all the requirements for ensuring safe storage.

So, for example, if equipment or tools do not require thermal insulation, but they need to be protected from atmospheric influences and fraud, 20 feet containers are successfully used. A 20 feet container due to its dimensions, technical characteristics, as well as a relatively small price, is often used to store equipment on construction sites or territories of firms, as well as logistics companies. If you are not satisfied with the size of the container of 20 feet, then you can purchase a container of 40 feet, which has a larger capacity.

Often, customers have a question: is it worth buying sea used containers. The choice of container depends on various circumstances. Sometimes customers are guided by the prestige of the company’s prestige or a more presentable appearance of new sea containers.

However, if the marine container is supposed to be used as a container for storage, then its technically good condition is crucial. In this case, the acquisition of a good marine container of a used one allows you to solve the problem and at the same time save money.