Seamless thermal insulation. Your house.

All insulation systems are based on several simple, but extremely important rules. When installing seamless thermal insulation, it is important to remember that any adhesive solution should have increased resistance to any mechanical damage; Starting from a height of 2 meters, the reinforced layer should be strengthened; The facade should be additionally protected using silicone paint, which contains a large amount of organic compounds; Only the correct installation of thermal insulation can prevent the formation of cracks; in addition, the resistance to mechanical damage to the entire heat -insulating system depends on the main layer, so the reinforcing mesh should be completely integrated into the solution, in the middle of the layer. Brave the reinforcing mesh weakens thermal insulation and negatively affects the stucco stucco stucco. The choice of the color of the facade is an extremely important issue with long -term operation. The stability of the facade depends on the absorption of ultraviolet radiation with walls. Therefore, when choosing a color palette for the external facade of the house, remember that each color attracts sunlight in its own way. In addition, check if there are active bio-power in your paint. The main function of plaster is the protection of the thermal insulation system from destructive environmental factors. Any minor damage to facade plaster can weaken thermal insulation. Therefore, plaster simply must be resistant to all negative external factors (temperature drops, wind, humidity, solar radiation).The principles of applying plaster insulation are very important. Only full compliance with the norms of technical documentation guarantees the reliability and durability of the heat -insulating facade system.