Handwriting of drywall sheets

To carry out wall cladding using the frame of using the frame, drywall sheets are used, which have a thickness of twelve millimeters. Walls cannot have exfoliated types of materials, their surface should not be painted with enamel or oil paint, or some kind of dry paint. Using special glue for drywall sheets, they mount them on the wall and then align.

Then you need to perform such work: firstly, mark and cut off the sheets of a plasterboard slab, the desired size. The cutting of the panels is carried out in this way: they take and apply a straightforward rail (rule and so on) and a standard stationery knife is carried out along the line. In this case, you need to do everything very carefully, so as not to press the knife on its surface, but the average degree of lightness to make an incision.

Then we turn the plasterboard sheet and break it in half along the cut line, after which the connecting cardboard is cut off. To obtain an even edge at the end of the work done, it is processed by a special peeling type of rubbish.

After the installed sheets are ready for further work, it is required to prepare glue for subsequent work by mixing it with water. Then apply glue in large parts to the surface of drywall sheets with a distance of not more than 40 centimeters, and the surface of the wall should be slightly tanned by prepared material. After all this, sheets of drywall are applied to the wall and aligned using the rule and level.

In order not to cause damage to the panel, a rubber clay is used or not strong beats with a hammer through a small piece of wood are performed. The main thing is not to forget that the time of grasping the composition of the glue lasts no more than half an hour. After all this, the sheets need to be thrown, while this work is performed not on the entire surface, but only at the joints. Then all the joints are put down with a pair of layers, praised and primed, now the wall is prone to decoration.