With your own hands, concrete to fill the foundation

To fill the foundation, we need concrete M250 (strength 250 kg/2cm). For its preparation, various proportions are used. The proportions depend on what concrete you want to get, for example, heavy concrete is not used on soft soils.

M250 solution without filler: cement M300 D10 – one third of the sand sifted – two -thirds, pour water to the required consistency. Sometimes you can use 2.5 parts of sand. This mixture is distinguished by its high viscosity. It can be used without filler.

M250 solution with granite filler: M450 D15 cement on one shovel of cement, two and a half blade of sand, as well as two and a half shovel of crushed stone. This mixture turns out more by mass than ordinary concrete without filler, but also stronger. With soft soil, this solution is better not to use, since the foundation will be too heavy and too much shrinkage can occur. Now, after the solution is ready, you should begin directly to the filling.

For the first 7 to 8 months, the log house of the house gives a precipitate to maximum value. The degree of shrinkage will depend on the used wood, humidity level, as well as on the technical characteristics of concrete. Even according to the coming of 8-10 months, concrete shrinkage will continue, although not so much. Do not forget about the influence that the external environment has on the characterization of wood in the first five to six years after the end of the construction.

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