Small secrets for the interior decoration of the bath

A bathhouse is a place where a person can truly rest with his soul and body. It should be noted that today campaigns in the bath have become a real tradition for both men and women. It is no secret that today many people during the construction of houses (mainly wooden) immediately begin to build a wooden bathhouse. During the construction of a bath, many people have a question: what to do with the interior decoration? What materials to use? Yes, in fact, the decoration of the bath is a difficult process that only professionals should be engaged in their field. More specifically, the decoration of the bath involves the decoration of not only walls, but also floor, ceiling, various shelves and seats.

The floors in the bath can be different, the most in demand, of course, are wooden floors that are pleasant for the legs, and you can safely walk barefoot on them barefoot. Such floors are ideal for both the dressing room and for the steam room. Very often, concrete floors are made in the bath, which are then covered with beautiful wooden grilles, which is also quite convenient. Such lattices can be easily removed, cleaned and dried. Basically, the wood of deciduous and coniferous wood wood is used to decorate the bathhouse. If we talk about the decoration of the walls of the bath, then there should already be a completely different approach to business. For wall decoration, builders use mainly a wagon made of cedar, linden or aspen. In general, the lining is a wooden string board, which has a single profile, a slope and a groove. Such finishing material is very convenient in installation. It is best to use wood, which has passed thermal processing (the quality of wood, as well as its service life) to finish the walls of the bathhouse. Remember that to finish the bath you need to use wood, which has low thermal conductivity and heat capacity. In addition, wood should have a pleasant smell and, of course, be resistant to splitting. The smaller in such a finishing material of resin spots and knots, the better. If we talk about the material for finishing the ceiling of the bath, then it also should not contain the resin in any case, since all the hot air in the bath rises exactly up to the ceiling, which will lead to the melting of the resin, and it will begin to drip into the bottom.