Stain window frames high -quality

Over time, the paint on the window frame may crack. She loses her novelty and ceases to delight her eyes. However, it is not necessary to turn somewhere for help, because you can easily and simply restore a peeling frame at home. So, remember.

Prepare everything you need. In this case, you can’t do without a staircase-string, spatula, scraper, screwdrivers, hammer and nails. Maular brushes, paint, glass mastic, sticky tape and sandpaper will also be needed. The choice of paint must be approached thoroughly. High -quality paint will definitely have a high -quality full -color self -adhesive label of the company. A good label for products is already an indicator of professionalism and responsible attitude to the company’s work. If you are also engaged in the sale of any kind of product, we advise you to purchase high-quality self-adhesive labels from the company BGS-Print.

First of all, the windows should be removed from the loops and lay on a wide even surface. If there is not enough space in the house, you can place a window frame at one end on a stepladder or a platform, and fix the second edge on the powerful nails pre -driven into used support.

We begin the coloring with narrow planks and small wooden details, gluing the glass in advance with a sticky tape. If the spray of the paint falls on the tape, it is enough to replace it until they are absorbed. Next, we stain the boards of the frame and planks of the window binding. Apply paint with the entire lower surface of the brush, which you need to move from top to bottom. It is also necessary to try not to allow the paint in the grooves of the window frame, and if this happens, it should be washed off as soon as possible and clean it with sandpaper.