The depth on which the foundation should be laid

When laying the foundation, you need to correctly calculate the depth of the foundation itself. The typical projects mainly indicate the smallest deepening, and for specific sites the depth should be determined independently. And any company that wants to get a SRO in construction knows very well about it.

It should be noted that the complexity, as well as the cost of laying the foundation, is quite high and amounts to 15 to 25 percent of the indicators of the entire house, and the correction of all the errors that are allowed when the foundation is arranged, sometimes exceeds the initial embezzlement. In order to avoid alterations when laying the foundation, one should have certain information about the ground soils, that is, about the soils that lie under the sole foundation.

The country’s at home has relatively small sizes and weight, which is perceived by almost all types of soil. For this reason, you cannot build a house without certain geological surveys, and at the same time you need to independently examine the soil within the construction site.

The smallest deepening of the foundation sole from the ground level at the base, which is composed of dry small and large sands, as well as from clay hard soils, should be 0.7 meters. The deepening of their small and dusty sands saturated with water, clay soils with a plastic consistency and loams should be 1 meter. The smallest deepening of the foundation sole of the basement walls from the floor should be half a meter. All these indicators should necessarily take into account the foundation.