The interests of the cost of construction

There is no doubt that the conference on the construction of natural stone materials carried out in the Moldavian SSR will provide great assistance to the builders. Only in the country of the victorious socialism is there such a unity of specialists of fraternal republics, which allows the mutual transfer of experience and the collective solution of the most difficult tasks. In 1948, a school building from a pure masonry was built in Chisinau. In this building, an attempt was made to find continuity with the stone architecture of Moldova of the XIII-XV centuries. In the future, the construction of the station was also completed with the use of masonry from stones of the correct shape. The next step was the construction of two-three-story residential buildings, where the ring clean masonry was combined with the full collection of all the internal details of the house, since the internal walls in the houses were replaced by a prefabricated frame. A house of the same type is built on Lenin Street. The indicated decision will be in the future will be widely introduced in the construction of residential buildings. In the construction of large residential and public buildings in other cities of the republic, clean masonry with the maximum collection of structures is also used. By the decision of the Government of the Moldavian SSR, a number of new large buildings will be built in the near future, and the projects of these buildings provide for the use of wall material from the shellout in the form of blocks. The architecture of the designed buildings is noticeable to continue and develop the traditions of stone architecture of Moldova. Only in this way it is possible to create a socialist in content and national in form architecture. In the construction of residential buildings in rural areas for laying walls, a boot is used in a clay solution.