Online store Electricians “VDL”.

The first lamps appeared on sale in Germany in 1894. A few years later, incandescent lamps were presented in England. More than a century has passed since then, and modern electrical lighting devices have gained a different shape and became a hundred times more powerful. In addition, other electric items were made to create comfort and comfort in the house.

On the official website of the VDL company you will find electrical equipment, lighting devices for rooms and street, lighting products from world manufacturers. In the catalog you will find brands “Lival”, “Devi”, “Schneider Electric”, “Philips”, “Osram”, “ABB”, “Legrand”. Cables, RCDs, boxes, shields, electrical products, warm floors, electric meters are in special demand. Recently, household aquariums with LED lighting appeared on sale.

Employees conduct careful selection of products, having familiarized herself thoroughly with one or another manufacturer. Managers will help you choose the necessary goods, coordinating the general purpose and your preferences. You will also be consulted on professional electricity care and proper operation.

The online store has a special option that allows you to find the product of the desired brand and purpose in a matter of seconds. You only need to gain the name of the goods and approximate prices, the site will independently give out all the right options. For regular customers, weighty discounts are provided. In addition, the electrician store holds various sales that will allow you to purchase goods at favorable prices.

Delivery is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation for wholesale purchase. For many years, the VDL company has been leading a leading position in the market due to the excellent quality of goods, as well as the reliability of employees. You do not need to go to several stores to find suitable electrical appliances. All electrical products, devices and components, as well as installation tools, you will find in one place.