A new version of the production of log cabins in Lipetsk

The present in Lipetsk launches the production of new materials for log cabins. A small plant should produce the required amount of materials for the region, since it is planned to build low -rise housing everywhere. So, this material is glued beam, which is made quickly, has excellent protection against atmospheric precipitation, such a house does not need to be finished. Turnkey wooden houses from this material are also quickly assembled according to the drawing. On the printer, each beam is assigned a certain number, which is also indicated in the drawing. As a result, the builder takes the drawing and all the necessary materials and builds the house by numbers. It is very convenient and, in addition, saves time. On the principle of assembly, such a house resembles a children’s designer Lego.

Typically, the material for the log house is made exclusively by a specific project. So, the customer selects a turnkey wooden house with the project, and the order is transferred to the factory where the necessary material is available. After that, the workers assemble the house and install on the foundation. The process is simplified to the limit and therefore the cost of the structure will also be minimal, which will attract attention to it.

The maximum size of the beam produced at the factory is 13 by 13 meters. Moreover, unlike brick houses, these structures do not heat up in the summer and retain heat in the winter. This quality is achieved by the optimal wall thickness – it is 200 millimeters. This thickness complies with GOST standards for heat -conductivity. As a result, the consumption of gas and electricity is significantly reduced.

It is planned that the plant will produce not only the material, but also build houses. Currently, the plan is approved for 100 houses per year. Turnkey wooden houses from the Lipetsk enterprise are designed for a buyer with an average income. But it should be noted that in Europe, such houses are considered elite. Many compare such houses with reinforced concrete frame structures. There is an analogy, but the cost and quality characteristics of wood houses will be higher.

It should be noted that the new plant has only 30 jobs, since the entire production is automated and does not require large labor costs. It is also interesting that women work at the enterprise, which means that severity will not have to be lifted, everything does automation.