Using drywall during repair in the apartment

The use of drywall leads to a qualitative and quick result. But work with drywall is associated with some nuances that complicate the repair process.

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For residential premises, you can use ordinary drywall sheets. If the room has an increased level of humidity, then the best choice will be moisture -resistant drywall.

Alignment of the walls.

Alignment of the walls by lining with drywall can transform the surface with obvious irregularities into an impeccably even surface. First build a metal frame, which serves as the basis of the entire structure. Plasterboard sheets are mounted to the finished frame with self -tapping screws.

Drywall cutting.

Sometimes before installing drywall, you need to cut the sheet. GKL is cut with a sharp knife. To do this, the upper cardboard layer is cut according to the markings and the gypsum core is cut. Next, putting the sheet of an helpful surface, break the core along the cutting line and cut the lower layer of cardboard.

Drywall painting.

To obtain a perfectly painted surface, without spots and defects, drywall must be thoroughly primed, dangled and cleaned. These stages must be carried out without fail, since the final result of the repair depends on it. Since drywall absorbs moisture well, the paint without a primer will lie unevenly, so the spots can appear. Most often, water -based paint is used for painting GKL. Acrylic or latex paints are used in rooms with high humidity.

What can be hung on drywall?

Despite all the advantages of drywall, it is very fragile. GCL cannot withstand increased loads during operation. If you try to hang dishes or heavy shelves on drywall, they will break the sheet. Only light decorative objects can be attached to drywall: lamps, paintings, watches, etc. D.