Artificial stone of the Staron trademark

Artificial stone in Russia is called finishing material, which is used in the production of furniture. As part of the Samsung world corporation, known as the leader of the latest technologies, Samsung Cheil Industries is present. This company has mastered the production of acrylic stone, which was proposed for decoration of furniture and interiors. The artificial material of the Staron trademark is a stone from acrylic, easily amenable to repair and restoration, which can be subjected to gluing, while making the seam inconspicuous. The artificial stone has an incorrect homogeneous structure, looks like a natural mineral, elegant and elegant. The material has good durability, suitable for use for a long time, is easily cleaned with detergents. The color scheme of artificial stone is divided by type of imitation of colors and textures of a natural mineral. In the palette of colors there are, plain, natural natural, imitating the color of granite, quartz. A wide variety of shades allows a combination of material with wood, glass, metal and plastic. The main advantages of the quartz agglomerate, the acrylic stone in its indicators has many important advantages over other materials – a huge selection of shades, the ability to bend the material, connects without seams, environmentally friendly, is available in care and prolonged wear resistance. Produced 12.3 mm thick in sheets. Persistent to chips, allows you to bend and give any shape, it is repaired without noticeable places of repair and seams, silky and warm to the touch. Used in the improvement of rooms with high humidity (bathroom, working kitchen area). It does not have a micropor (does not absorb moisture), is quickly and accessible, not subjected to chemical effects, is quite durable (granite strength is 4 times less).The composition of acrylic artificial stone includes compounds of the natural mineral of quartz (one of the durable materials) – up to 95%, resin and pigments – about 5%. The scope of this quartz agglomerate is constantly growing, it is used in all areas of repair and decoration of the premises.