What are the requirements for aerated concrete blocks

The first and most importantly is the choice of aerated concrete block. Of course the right solution is to buy blocks and proven manufacturers. By purchasing aerated concrete blocks and artisanal manufacturers, there is a possibility that their products will violate their geometry (linear and angular dimensions), and this is very important for normal masonry. To the question of density, the density of the blocks that should be laid in the wall should lie in the range from 300 to 1200, such a block is marked with the letter D (D). In order for the house to be guaranteed warm, the density of the block should be at least D500.

Productors of the blocks began to produce products that can simply be worn on each other, in one groove, the other has a spike. But nevertheless, experts recommend applying glue to the connection.

To lay the blocks, it is necessary to take a special solution, its composition is quite simple.

1 shovel of cement is poured into the container, then 3 sands of sand are poured there. The resulting mixture must be mixed until uniform consistency. Then you can start pouring water and mix thoroughly thoroughly. The resulting mixture should be uniform, and the density obtained is comparable to sour cream.

The first row of masonry begins with the highest angle of the perimeter and along the first blocks the alignment of all laid blocks is further aligned. We must not forget that when conducting masonry work under hand, there should always be a level and a plumb line to control the location of the masonry in space, and the cord will be extended from the corner to control the evenness of the laying of a row.