What is the determination of the popularity of drywall

Today the market of construction and finishing materials can offer the consumer a large range of products. This is due to the fact that now in our country people have at least some money and they can afford to make repairs. One of the most popular wall decoration is drywall, moreover, it is economical, compared to other types of decoration. He has a lot of advantages, firstly, his low cost, and secondly, ease of installation and not large labor costs-all this makes it the cheapest and economical type of finishing materials.

Drywall from the outside consists of cardboard inside it sheets made of gypsum. The dimensions of sheets have different parameters from 2.5-4.8 m in length 1.2-1.3 m in width, thickness can also fluctuate from 8 to 24 mm. The people have this type of finishing material received the second name it is called “dry stucco”, he received this name for the fact that his functions are similar with traditional wet plaster. Drywall is used for interior decoration of the premises and also used to align the curves of the walls. After your walls are aligned with drywall, you can apply almost any finishing materials for it, for example: wallpaper, paint and anything you want. Drywall is not only used to align the walls, but with the help of it they create multi -level ceilings, partitions, shelves and much more here depends on your fantasy.

Germany is supplied in the original metal barrels of the manufacturer of 220 kg.