What is the difference between the repair price of a new apartment from the repair of an apartment in an old residential building.

Assessment of the cost of repairing the apartment is carried out in each case purely individually. At the same time, it should be carried out by the company that in the future will carry out all the repair work. Of course, the cost of real estate repair in a new building will be largely different from the price of repairs in an apartment with exactly the same area, but located in an old residential building. And this is not only related to the necessary implementation of different types and volume of work. The main secret is that new houses for several years will give an “shrinkage”. For this reason, it is not appropriate to use an apartment of such a house in the repair of an apartment of such a house. Since the walls can not only be pumped, but also deformed, respectively, expensive tiles can disappear, and cracks will crawl next to the window opening. By the way, you will also need installation of a wet facade, you can conduct it last.

For what reason should reduce the price of repairing apartments in new houses to a possible minimum. And after a couple of years, return to this issue, but already at a high level.

Assessment of real estate repair includes not only identifying the volume of future work, but also the terms of their implementation, type and quality of materials used, as well as the need to redevelopment.

In this way, the amount of repair in the new house is formed, first of all, from redevelopment, changing the screed, the implementation of plumbing and electrical work, the installation of doors and window frames, as well as the implementation of work on the decoration.

To conduct an independent property of real estate on their own can significantly differ from the evaluation results carried out by experts. After all, only professionally competent experts know all the details and subtleties of the upcoming work, about which unprepared people sometimes even cannot suspect.