What prospects can be in Omsk in low -rise housing. The future is for a low -rise building

Most of the participants in the meeting agreed that the future is now for low -rise construction. But development in this direction will not help solve the problem with the low security of citizens with housing, as noted by Sergey Kozubovich, director of the city administration department.

As an example, he was given a project to build social housing on Uphtyaev Street, which since the beginning of its implementation over the past five years has not been completed.

The first stage of work included the construction of 33 facilities for 85 apartments, in the second stage – 62 single -apartment buildings. The total cost of this project amounted to about 220 million rubles in prices for 2006 – 2010. “It turns out that this pleasure is by no means cheap, but to position low -rise construction as social housing – I believe that our society is not ready for this,” said Sergey Kozubovich.

The own house for representatives of low -income categories of citizens today is not affordable, therefore, there is no prospects for the massive development of low -rise buildings in Omsk yet. “We must start with engineering and transport infrastructures, and build is only what our people who have a fairly low income level will buy,” the official summed up.

He also complained that in the city there is no development of housing construction at the expense of funds from the budget. “Even in the construction of about 100 thousand square meters of housing per year (and this is about 30%of the share in the total volume of input), we would have the opportunity to dictate our conditions in the market, and we could align some things. Only because of the problem of the occupancy of the city budget, there is no need to talk about this yet, ”the official noted.

Sergei Kozubovich also reported that he is a supporter of ideas for the construction of profitable houses. “I think that would be quite promising. Of course, such houses require a very stable economy, and the payback of such objects is not 3 or even 5 years old, ”he adds.