What should be taken into account when pasting with vinyl film

Such material is common with cosmetic types of repair and, together with practicality, still has moisture resistance, which is already a plus for all rooms with such a problem. Here you can forget about repeated works for a long time, since this film serves for a long time, but in the process of preparation the surface should have an absolutely even form where even roughness is not noticed. Vinyl can generally be harmful in such topics, and the hillocks need to be leveled and then still dashed. With normal condition, everything is simply cleaned of dirt. Recently, in construction, the estimated business plays an important role, without it it is very difficult to carry out construction.

The wall is treated with emery and a layer of putty is applied. Everything is primed with oil paint, and while the surface dries, you are preparing a film for work. She should be in the room for a couple of days to adapt and then a pattern of the canvas is made on the floor. Credions are made on it with a sharp object along with the released allowances to fit the film to skirting boards. All chopped canvases are put up already upwards.

After removing the protective layer with clarification of the vertical on the wall with the help of a plumb line, you can already start glue the film along the line from the ceiling down. In the process, it is smoothed with a rag and you need to carefully check evenness along with the absence of bubbles on it. Then the lower part of the layer is removed and everything is glued to the end. The next strip is laid, where the joints should be invisible, and the joints are tightly pressed and aligned. The formed bubbles are removed, and then everything is already calmly drying.