What is a dressing room?

The dressing string is not just a item of home furniture. Today it is actively used in administrative structures. No need to underestimate its importance for the impression of a common interior. The wardrobe is the first that we see when falling into a specific room, but a dressing room can rightfully be considered his face. If it does not fit into the overall style or looks extremely pale, then as a result it can have a negative effect on the impression of the company.

It is worth noting that the wardrobe stand must be not only a barrier that is protecting a wardrobe from visitors, although a similar function in it, of course, is laid down. That’s why it should be a soundly worked out, strong – if it cracked under an impressive influx of people, then it will look very frivolous.

The presented interior item, like upholstered furniture for the club, should also differ in functionality. In a situation, if this is a professional wardrobe intended for a large number of people, then the stand must be equipped with all kinds of departments (boxes or shelves with numbers) to save bags, gloves, hats, personal belongings.

At the moment, several varieties of wardrobes are being distinguished:

1. Floor (stationary). It is considered the most common and popular. Its creation is made of chrome pipes and a metal frame, which is a total of a whole system. Such a wardrobe is used in many public places. It uses specialized chipboard panels equipped with hooks fixed to the frame. In addition, in accordance with the desire of the customer, you can mount nets designed for hats, handbags and rods for shoulders. In a stationary wardrobe, there must certainly be a standings necessary for issuing things. This wardrobe is fixed to the floor and walls.

2. Suspension. Metal design with fortified chipboard panels (have hooks), fixed to the ceiling and walls. Such wardrobes are not popular and are quite rare.

3. Floor -mobile hanging, which are used in rooms where there are no stationary models. They are operated temporarily, since they are convenient for the ambulance of the wardrobe. Like the manufacture of a rack for the bar, their creation provides for the use of chrome pipes with rods or hooks.