What should you pay attention to when planning the installation of PVC windows in the kitchen?

It is clear that the windows in the kitchen become dirty much faster than all other windows in the house. If you do not want to constantly pay attention to frames and double -glazed windows, opt for self -cleaning glasses and profiles. Their use will save you time to clean windows. A good choice will also be the purchase of a laminated profile.

Experts advise installing windows in the kitchen in plastic frames. What is it connected with? First of all, such frames are not deformed, unlike wooden. After all, they are not afraid of moisture that forms in the kitchen during cooking. Plastic frames are also more environmentally friendly, since they are not saturated with chemicals and do not have a coating of toxic colors. In this regard, we recommend that you find out the windows plastic prices.

Pay attention to accessories. After all, you often often have to open and close the windows. Therefore, you do not need to save – buy reliable fittings with a long period of warranty, which will last you for a long time.

In its design, the windows should be such that you can open all the wings in various positions and directions: right and right, up and down, for ventilation. All this is dictated by the specifics of the kitchen, where it is often required to create directed air flows.

But what if you need to carefully ventilate the kitchen? The windows can not always be left open for the whole night. It is easy to solve this problem-put a climate control system on your windows. Such windows can filter the air from the street, cleaning it of harmful impurities.