We begin to glue the wallpaper continued

So, in our previous article, we talked in detail about how to properly prepare the walls before gluing wallpaper. Today we will continue to study, but this time our operation will past the walls with wallpaper. After the wallpaper itself was impregnated with glue, it is also necessary to primer the walls, it is best to do it with liquid glue. Когда стена прогрунтована можно пытаться пробовать приложить на нее первый лист полотна, хорошо если у вас под рукой будет напарник т. One will have to be very difficult for one. During this operation, the sheet must be kept up and first of all you need to apply to the wall and then to the very bottom. After he applies the first sheet he begins to bubble, for this you need to use the roller and smooth it carefully so that it does not break.

Based on the same technology, we glue the second sheet, if the wallpaper you have without a drawing, then you can say you are lucky. K to not fit him. Do not glue the sheet overlapping on another t. It does not look beautiful, if the wall is flat, then you need to withstand one level at which they will glue. Particular difficulty is the pasting of the corners, here you need to know that if you glue the whole canvas on the corner, then it will soon lag behind, it is better to divide the angle into several parts and gently glue it, and here you need to glue the tunes. K will be more reliable.

Wallpaper by wallpaper is a complex and responsible occupation T. to your work will depend on the comfort of the room, you need to show patience and accuracy, a hurry does not lead to anything good. Wallquest wallpaper is a wonderful balance of aesthetics, quality and price policy.