What you need to know when choosing paint

Where the paint is not used, almost everything is painted: walls, floors, window frames, ceilings, doors. Classes are also painted. The paint is used not only indoors, but also outside, in those places where it is subject to various atmospheric influences. Since do not make a mistake with the selection of paint?

For this purpose, you should know what characteristics certain types of paint have. This is as important as the installation is correct. By the way, here you can learn more about this. Paints differ from each other with their components that were used to make them. The data is the secret of durability of completely any paint or enamel. In order to get most of the colors, manufacturers use an identical scheme. The composition of all paints necessarily includes three main ingredients: filler, pigment, as well as a binding basis. Of all the named components, the binding basis or, in another word, film former is considered the most important. The quality of the acquired paint will depend on it, since its role is to connect each component of the paint and adapt all these components with the surface.

For the binding basis, in the vast majority of cases, materials such as oils, olifa, emulsion, as well as latex are used. In accordance with this, paints can be divided into several different types: oil, epoxy, latex and alkyd. On the fact that these types of paint you have chosen, the duration of the coating service, its resistance, shine, time required for drying and painting parameters of paint will depend. The technical properties are also very important in this case.