Which fan to choose in a bath

When setting the wiring, provide for a fan output. After all, forced ventilation should be organized in the bathroom. This will help prevent dampness and fungi. To launch the fan, you can provide a separate switch or make it starting to start at the same time with the inclusion of light. But the last option, although it is the most common, has a significant drawback.

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When you turn off the light immediately before leaving, the fan also turns off and as a result of the bath may not be completely ventilated. It is more rational to make the switch separately – and you yourself determine when to turn off the fan. Interesting intermediate option, installing a switch with a timer. You set on a timer time that the fan will still work after your departure.

Certain requirements are set to the fan in the bathroom. It should be in a sealed moisture -proof building. It is very effective, albeit relatively expensive, choose a fan with a gigrostate, a traffic counter, a timer and a reduced noise level. Hygrostat when humidity exceeds the bath will automatically run the fan. Also, the successful fight against humidity is promoted by special doors for the bathroom, in their lower part there are holes for air circulation.