Why do you need a welded metal and reinforcing mesh

Everyone probably saw a netting grid used to feng own and other areas. However, its official name sounds somewhat different – a metal welded grid.

The welded metal mesh has a very wide area of ​​use, in addition to the material for the fences. Thanks to lightness and exceptional strength, frames for greenhouses and greenhouses are made from it. Not a single poultry farm or a farm for breeding fur animals can do without a welded metal grid. Its high strength is created thanks to the overlap of layers of metal wire on each other, and in diametrically opposite directions, at an angle of 90 degrees. As a rule, in a welded metal mesh of a square or romboid cell.

Welded metal mesh in accordance with the purpose and the necessary strength of the structure is made of wire of different thicknesses. This wire itself can also be made from various materials.

A welded reinforcing mesh is used in construction work. In principle, this is the same metal grid, but it has much greater strength, since it is made of reinforcing steel. As well as that of a conventional metal mesh, in a welded reinforcing mesh, reinforcement can have a different section. The welded reinforcing mesh is intended, as a rule, for fastening brick or block masonry. Such a welded grid is an integral element of any construction.

With the help of welded reinforcing mesh, concrete structures are reinforced during construction. This happens as follows: when at the construction site a concrete form under the stove is poured with concrete, a welded reinforcing mesh is necessarily laid inside to increase the strength of a concrete slab. The construction uses mainly a welded reinforcing mesh with a large section wire, which has from 10 to 30 millimeters in diameter. The thickness of the wire depends on the calculated load, which is to be carried by the welded reinforcing mesh during the operation of the building.