For an open veranda and pier – a terrace board

Currently, some buy or build suburban cottages, others try to purchase a cottage in a suburbs or away from large cities in order to be able to relax in their free time, enjoying fresh air, listening to birds of birds, and just moving away from the rapid rhythm of modern life.

Naturally, almost immediately arises the issue of improvement of the adjacent territory. Very often, owners of private houses build open verandas on which you can relax, drink tea, meet friends. Children will play here with pleasure. It will not be superfluous to think about how to improve the site, make paths, arbors, etc. D. All this will need a floor covering. But his choice should be taken very carefully and seriously, since this floor will have to withstand everything: snow and frost in winter, rain and bright sun in the summer, wind at any time of the year, etc. D. What to choose?

Ordinary flooring, like a massive board, linoleum, laminate, etc. D. such loads simply cannot withstand and will very quickly become unusable. The material in any case costs money, but nobody wants to throw it to the wind. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the relatively new material offered by woodworking companies in different countries – a terrace board. Already one name speaks for itself.

So the Sundeck terrace board is made from a composition in which 60% of the tree, and 40% – from polypropylene. The result is a very strong and reliable material, which, thanks to the corrugated surface, does not slide even in raw. He is smooth, without knots, which means that you will not get hurt, do not risk getting splinters, even if you walk on it barefoot.

The terrace board of this company does not mold even in conditions of high humidity and, which is very important, it is refractory at open areas. Such a board is perfect for the equipment of garden paths, any open area, arbors, verandas or terraces. If you have a pool or a small pond on your site, then the territory near it can also be covered with a terrace board to be able to relax with comfort.

How to fix a terrace board?

This board is equipped with a clip connection. To lay it, you need to prepare a flat base, lay the lags at a distance of 20-40 cm, depending on the total weight of the structure. Lags on the supporting surface are fixed using dowels. And then the profile of the terrace board is laid on the lags and is fixed using special clips. Clips themselves are attached to the lags with self -tapping screws. For the first, as well as the last boards, special end clips are used.

Where else can you use a terrace board?

A terrace board that has such remarkable properties can be successfully used for the improvement of berths, feasts, as well as open summer sites – dance, children’s or various sports facilities in the open air. It will be especially indispensable for roadside light cafes or restaurants, which, as a rule, in the summer place tables on open areas near restaurants.

Caring for this type of flooring is completely simple. Terrace board can be washed from a conventional hose or special device. When buying this type of flooring, we recommend only one thing – to buy goods of a company known in the market so as not to purchase a fake. And it should be purchased only in specialized stores-stores, where you can, if necessary, get advice on laying this modern and convenient flooring in all respects.