Wood -aluminum window structures – ideal for home

The tree has always been considered a living material, because it is simply ideal to ensure additional protection of windows and doors from the influence of the external environment. And wood -aluminum window constructions are an environmentally friendly and practical modern technology. There are many companies that offer models of wood -aluminum windows that are of the highest strength and excellent performance in operation. If we talk about the profile of such windows, then we are talking about a combined combination of aluminum and wood in various proportions.

As a rule, modern technologies and production flexibility allow manufacturers to offer an aluminum profile in a fairly wide range of colors and shapes – starting with classic solutions, and ending with the avant -garde Hi -Tech.

Aluminum linings that are installed on the profiles of windows from the street, completely racks to various climatic influences, they do not need considerable care, but can be painted in different colors, including the color of the tree from which the frame was produced. Therefore, wood-aluminum windows are also beautiful.

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material, it does not contain any impurities of heavy metals, it does not emit any harmful substances. Therefore, wooden windows with aluminum overlays are environmentally friendly. It is important that this material is not exposed to solar irradiation and moisture. And, in addition, he is able to maintain performance in certain climatic conditions, temperature changes that are on his shoulder, they are from -80 ° C to +100 ° C. With the help of modern approaches to anodizing and powder colors of aluminum, today a variety of design requirements are fully fulfilled, neither dust nor dirt is retained on the surface of the window. You will be spared from the upcoming repainting, from scratches and various problems with the appearance.

Inside the window – all of wood. This design is not subject to atmospheric influences. The natural beauty of the tree, the service life – sometimes up to 80 years – this and much more makes the windows perfect..