Department of Trade and Manufactory

Around the same time, at one of the military buildings, Russian engineers presented a project of a flat floor overlap from concrete reinforced with Taurus beams. However, the new engineering solution was practically not implemented for that time – the project did not receive approval in the highest authorities.

It should be noted that in the history of Russian technology this is not the only sad example of a new engineering solution rejected by officials of departments and departments of pre -revolutionary Russia. In the departments of Tsarist Russia, the belief was persistently held that in the country it was possible to build only that which was tested by the practice of the West and was widespread in Germany, England, and France. Therefore, discoveries and inventions in construction equipment, as in other branches of equipment, were made in the vast majority of individual specialists with their funds without the material assistance of state institutions.

Adhering to the chronological sequence in the coverage of the main points associated with the first stage in the development of reinforced concrete in Russia, one cannot fail to mention the privilege of a. Schiller, who received wide and noisy fame in the country at that time.

The Department of Trade and Manufactory issued on April 2 894. Petersburg merchant Alexander Schiller Propiae for ten years “to improve in the system and method of discharge and construction from concrete in conjunction with iron of different objects and structures”.

The description of the privilege says: “”…In the system and method of discharge and construction from concrete, in the connection in iron of different objects and structures, the very method and system of work are characterized by the use of concrete mass as the main building material, gradually laid in separate layers in the half -dry form and interpreted in them with special iron Trom buses, and to give the manufactured object the high strength and connection of individual layers of concrete, a special system of vertical and horizontal iron stripes or wires is used, which are intertwined gradually, as the individual layers of concrete are launched and tamped and, therefore, can be likened to the frame only when the structure completely finished “. structures. He used two forms – the internal constant and outer collapsible, built -in but the shape of the installation of concrete.