Wooden windows: safety and reliability

What is the difference between wooden windows from plastic? Wooden have many advantages. The main advantage of wooden window systems over their PVC relatives is the naturalness and environmental purity of an array of wood. There is no harm to such windows. Wooden windows are perfectly adapted not only to severe frosts, but to the hot summer. Whereas plastic windows react to serious temperature fluctuations with the fragility of the material. Under wooden windows, it is easier to put floor -on -heating houses heating the room like a home furnace and providing an excellent hood.

Moreover, wooden windows have a number of useful qualities in the form of increased strength, increased dustproof characteristics, low conductivity and durability.

In addition to everything, the windows made of wood perfectly decorate any room, because the natural texture of the wood massif is able to fit even into the most exquisite interior. What could be more beautiful than the natural classic.

Experts say that during the production process of PVC windows, heat and manufacturer are released, in order to avoid thermal extension, a special stabilizer adds to the material. With its help, a protective shell is created at PVC, but it is most often not used for our health, because it is mainly made from lead connections. And we all know how harmful metal is for human health. And if substances that are synthesized from zinc and calcium are used as a stabilizer, such products are safe and environmentally friendly, although much more expensive. By installing electric heaters under them, you may not worry.

Today, wooden windows are produced by professionals using the latest technologies. As a result, we get wooden frames with strong and reliable double -glazed windows, that is, durable and environmentally friendly window, which, together with such a useful thing as electric heater, will allow you to maintain the health of the whole family and save money. So I choose many Russians of wooden windows..