Wooden floor coverings – what to choose and why

What could be more healthy than living in a cozy wooden cottage? And, of course, observing the best Russian traditions, most lovers of a healthy lifestyle choose a natural flooring for their houses – from wood.

You can make wooden floors today from various breeds. However, according to experts, the best choice is the coniferous tree. It has strength, beauty and durability. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, for example, a pine floor is quite soft. You will have to walk around the house either barefoot or in soft slippers. And the legs of the refrigerator, and the legs of the furniture, and your own legs in shoes with a heel will leave traces on such flooring daily. Adding here it remains only that the price of pine boards is quite affordable. You can purchase it almost at the same cost as buying an imitation of a beam.

If you are interested in wood breeds that are guaranteed to preserve the pristine magnificent view of the floor for many years, then pay attention to the oak. We’ll say right away that the cost of oak floors will be very high. As an alternative, you can also offer a larch. This tree has sufficient strength, but finding the required number of cubes of the floorboard from this breed is quite difficult. We can also recommend you a red tree (again very expensive pleasure), walnut and cedar. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

You still do not know what the wooden floor is and what materials are called for its creation? Everything is very simple, the name is a downstone. These building materials are rogue products on both sides, made by modern high -precision woodworking equipment from selected boards of both tangential and radial cuts. Choosing them, you will get a really elite and high -class flooring!

Wooden floors have truly unique operational characteristics. And this is not surprising, since they are very environmentally friendly and one hundred percent natural. They “breathe” and, perfectly absorbing excessive moisture, create in the room the most favorable and comfortable climate. You can add to this list of positive qualities you can high soundproof data and low thermal conductivity. There are no doubt that when choosing wooden floors for your home, you make the right decision that you will never regret.