Aerated concrete is ideal for low -rise construction

Moreover, this year the company itself took up low -rise construction using a gas concrete produced by its own projects. The project includes wiring heating and water supply, work on electricity wiring and a septic tank device for a local treatment plant. Projects are offered both without interior decoration, and with finishing or black trim. Construction takes no more than three months.

Clients, says Zolotov, sometimes incredulously belong to aerated concrete. But even the largest conservatives can be convinced of a number of its advantages over other wall materials – cellular blocks are not only stronger, but more durable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Aerated concrete lends itself to processing, which helps to implement the most unusual architectural projects.

The company representative claims that “concrete-lite” is aimed at maximum use of its own products, high-quality and reliable. But at the same time, it also turns to the products of trusted market participants, also offering high -quality materials for construction and finishes, metal structures. Therefore, the company rents turnkey at home to customers – completely ready for living.

Today, as elsewhere, in the Novosibirsk region they are increasingly thinking about the implementation of programs and concepts for the development of low -rise construction. The authorities have repeatedly argued that it was necessary to stimulate the development of the direction, for which to work out new mechanisms. However, do not forget the difference between low -rise residential complexes and cottage villages of business – premium, housing in which only wealthy people are available, and comprehensive low -rise construction for citizens with average or even lower income, beneficiaries and citizens from priority categories that cannot without the help of the state to purchase comfortable housing. Therefore, the authorities especially need to take a closer look at companies such as “Concrete Light”, offering high-quality housing at reasonable prices.