GAYAFORES – leader in the production of Spanish tiles.

The Spanish company GAYAFORES has long been producing a beautiful floor and wall tiles that use universal world recognition. The history of the company began in the last years of the 19th century, in the province of Castillon. It was in that area that was the highest concentration of craft workshops for the production of ceramic tiles. The small family company has withstood significant competition due to the highest quality of its products and in the 40s of the last century began its official activity. GAYA brothers registered their Hijos de Francisco Gaya Fores society in the Spanish city of ONDA, releasing facing tiles for courtyards, walls, halls, internal covered courtyards and corridors. Since the 70s, production expansion began and the production of not only tiles for walls, but also floor tiles made of sandstone.

The company produces tiles of red and white clay mass, as well as floor tiles from porcelain tiles. The assortment of GayAfores is represented not only by tiles, but also chicly decorated with borders and a variety of decor. All products of products for various interior styles can be viewed at the address

Herberry traditions for the production of high -quality Spanish tiles allow you to create durable and high -quality finishing materials for the floor and walls. The gorgeous Gaya Fores tiles will help create a unique interior in any style: oriental, Provence, classic, modern and even high-tech. The use of unique special equipment for the formation and firing of tile products helps to create a tile, the docking of which occurs literally without seams. A homogeneous tile pattern creates an original stylish interior in a variety of colors.

Gaya Fores background tiles, richly trimmed with decorative details gives the rooms a special delight. Among the Gaya Fores collections and natural imitations for wood and parquet, with a chamfer and without, under marble and natural stone. Collections are also presented under the aged Spanish tiles, causing an indescribable feeling of returning to a noble Spanish past. The walls of the premises can be decorated with tiles with floral ornaments resembling Gzhel painting, or colorful oriental patterns.