Flexible inserts: application and use

Flexible inserts are often used in industry to extinguish vibrations that arise, for example, in the ventilation system. Also, with their help, it is possible to compensate for the change in the size of metal structures during the exposure of high temperatures. As a result, such a flexible insert is a very important element of the entire ventilation system of large workshops. At the same time, such inserts are used in plastic ducts, but exclusively for two targets – to reduce vibrations and prevent the penetration of dust. In this case, the first option is needed if a very strong fan is used. So to fix the elements with bolts is ineffective, because due to constant exposure to vibration, the structure is shaken and can collapse. However, it cannot be unequivocally said that a flexible insert is an important and truly necessary element of any structure. Plastic, especially if it is elastic, does not require the use of additional compensators. And the use of additional inserts is already necessary not so much because of the vibration, but due to the effects of high temperature. However, some polymers calmly withstand it. In steel structures, the use of inserts is necessary in any case, since vibrations are shaken by the air duct and it begins to rattle. Plus, it is worth considering that the inserts themselves can simplify all the installation work, because they are well deformed, but they are not able to carry at least the most minimum load. Inserts differ in various important characteristics, among which: the temperature of use, since different materials can withstand different temperatures; the ability to pass air; resistance to abrasive substances and aggressive environment.

In this case, they may vary in the installation system. There are inserts that are attached to the duct with one side, and the second is fastened with bolts directly to the fan. So before ordering this element, it is necessary to understand exactly where and in what environment it will be used. Moreover, inserts are effective not only in the installation of ventilation systems.