Incomference Center of the Air Force – “Choice for you!”

When a person has a choice, doubts naturally arise regarding the advantages and disadvantages. Construction or repair of cast -iron furnaces will not avoid doubts about the choice of chimney. What to give preference: high -temperature chimneys from ceramics or their stainless steel?

The company incomcenter of the Air Force, which is a leading manufacturer of various chimneys for stoves and fireplaces, will help you solve this problem. The company offers a widest range of products: from wood furnaces for baths to exclusive electric furnaces. Also, the INZCOMCenter of the Air Force offers a wide range of exclusive decoration services of stoves and fireplaces by natural material – talcomagnesitis, the company’s specialists will perform high -quality installation of stoves and chimneys, etc.

Before comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the materials from which the chimneys are made, you should decide on the scope of use and weigh the pros and cons. LLC Inzhkomcenter of the Air Force, which positions itself in the market as an innovator in the approaches of the development and production of furnaces, is a real assistant in solving this dilemma.

VVD-Tona ceramic chimneys are characterized by high temperature stability. In addition, the high ability to accumulate heat, resistance to corrosion processes and the durability of use are significant arguments in favor of ceramic chimneys. Ceramic chimneys are ideal for fireplaces and those chimney systems, the temperature of the fuel gases in which does not exceed 600 s. More information about the assortment and operating conditions of the VVD-Tona chimney can be found by clicking on the link

The company Inzhkomcenter of the Air Force offers its customers a wide range of chimneys of various stainless steel designs, which is determined by a variety of operating conditions. As the advantages of stainless steel chimneys: ease of assembly, ease of maintenance, high wear resistance and many others. You can get acquainted with all the assortment of a number of stainless steel chimneys from the company Inzhkomcenta of the VVD on the site